Hello there beautiful stranger! I'm so happy you're here!

Let me share a bit about myself, my name is Asja Boroš (in case you're curious my first name is pronounced ah'see'yah and that funny looking s with a hat on in my last name sounds like sh ) and I am an artist and a illustrator based in Croatia. I've graduated from Academy Of Fine Arts in Zagreb in 2006. and got a degree in animation but instead of pursuing a career in making cartoon characters come alive I took a totally different path in life (ok, not totally different, I worked as a freelance illustrator).

In early 2014. I shifted my focus to painting. My work is highly personal and revolves around self-exploration. When creating I turn to my inner world and draw inspiration from my imagination, emotions, memories, fears, desires, etc;  that's why I also refer to my paintings as inner landscapes, they are metaphorical places representing my inner self.

My creative process is intuitive in nature. Usually before I start a new piece I take a moment to just be in silence and set an intention. Often I'd say something like "take what you need" or "feel whatever you need to feel" or I simply repeat "nothing to prove, nothing to gain".  One of the reasons for such approach is my desire to make as honest and as genuine art as possible. It's important to me to freely and spontaneously express what I'm truly feeling in a given moment.

Most of my paintings and drawings are abstract (or semi-abstract) and I rely on visual language composed of hand-drawn geometric shapes, bright colors and textures to convey my emotions and states of being.

From January 2014 to December 2017 I've worked on a personal art project called Ink Flower Garden reaching a desired goal of creating 1000 ink drawings and paintings undertaken in order to develop my artistic style and as part of process of self examination.

Other places you can find me:

tumblr (new art posted weekly)

youtube (occasional work in progress, speed-painting videos)