Something old and something new

In April I've started working on a big ink painting and after I've completed a first layer I set it aside to be finished when I feel inspired to work on it again... which actually never happened. Every time I've attempted to finish this big painting something put me off, almost as if the painting had a mind of its own and didn't want to be messed with anymore :) So, finally after almost three months of trying to work on it I gave up and decided to just let it go. Since I've recorded the process of starting to work on it I edited it into a video you can see above and posted it on my youtube, because why not? The unfinished painting turned out to be just another painting exercise and you can see it leaning against the wall on pictures below in all it's unfinished glory.

The house of indefinable pleasures , ink on 35.5x51cm paper.

The house of indefinable pleasures, ink on 35.5x51cm paper.

Recently I've also made a new painting for The house of indefinable pleasures series (and that's the name of this particular artwork as well). Unlike the bigger painting above this one didn't resist me and I managed to complete it in just few days while filming the pracess as well.