Portal (animation exercise)

Recently I've made a bunch (and by bunch I mean 39) of "ink flowers", colorful roundish designs that resemble abstract flowers and I composed them into a short animation exercise. I also used an eye from an old painting (scroll down to see the original art). Music for the video is, as usual, done by Alkaline Samurai (Arlen Dean) who is still kind enough to let me use his beats for my experiments in motion.

Something old and something new

In April I've started working on a big ink painting and after I've completed a first layer I set it aside to be finished when I feel inspired to work on it again... which actually never happened. Every time I've attempted to finish this big painting something put me off, almost as if the painting had a mind of its own and didn't want to be messed with anymore :) So, finally after almost three months of trying to work on it I gave up and decided to just let it go. Since I've recorded the process of starting to work on it I edited it into a video you can see above and posted it on my youtube, because why not? The unfinished painting turned out to be just another painting exercise and you can see it leaning against the wall on pictures below in all it's unfinished glory.

The house of indefinable pleasures , ink on 35.5x51cm paper.

The house of indefinable pleasures, ink on 35.5x51cm paper.

Recently I've also made a new painting for The house of indefinable pleasures series (and that's the name of this particular artwork as well). Unlike the bigger painting above this one didn't resist me and I managed to complete it in just few days while filming the pracess as well.

Two minute meditation on blue, purple and pink

Few days ago I finished working on my little blue/purple paintings, scanned them and composed them into this simple experimental video inspired by color theory, a meditation on color of sorts. I loved working on this and it was a good warm up for working on more experimental animated videos in future.

Blue/purple backgrounds, done with ink, they are 18x24cm in size.

Blue/purple backgrounds, done with ink, they are 18x24cm in size.

Cosmic love

Last week I spent every minute of my free time working on a new big painting. What differs this painting form others is a fact that an idea and title for it (Cosmic love) came to me in a dream. Since I'm a kind of a person that follows her dreams I knew I had to paint it. You can see a process of making this painting in the video above!

This is also last painting in a mini series of bigger paintings I've been working on lately (first two paintings are Mr Fantasizer and Desire) so I was very happy to have finished it. It was definitely a breakthrough piece for me (as well as previous two big paintings) and I will probably write about it more soon. For now here is just a photo of work itself (it's 70x100cm in size and done with ink and gelly rolls on paper, as usual).

Cosmic love , ink and gelly rolls on 70x100cm paper.

Cosmic love, ink and gelly rolls on 70x100cm paper.

Three big paintings finished: from left to right: Desire, Mr Fantasizer, Cosmic love

Three big paintings finished: from left to right: Desire, Mr Fantasizer, Cosmic love

work in progress photos (and a very pink sunset :))

work in progress photos (and a very pink sunset :))

more random work in progress pics!

more random work in progress pics!

Painting and chatting

If you woke up this morning with a strange desire to watch someone (and that someone being me) painting small white dots and rambling on about art, rejoice because today is your lucky day! I made a vlog in which I do just that-paint tiny dots and talk about art in almost coherent way! Yay! And all you have to do to experience that is click that seductive play button. (Go ahead, you know you want to :))

Oh, and btw the painting I'm working on is called Mr Fantasizer, it's pretty big (for my humble, small format loving standards): 70x100cm and I've been working on it for last week or so and it might take me forever to finish (or maybe just another week or so).

When I manage to finish it, I will put together an actual work-in-progress, speed-painting, let-me-show-you-how-I-made-this video but for now here is just yours truly doting and chatting.

Painting at this stage in all of its unfinished glory.

Painting at this stage in all of its unfinished glory.

Details of a painting.

Details of a painting.

More details!

More details!

How to paint love (painting from the heart)

Today I'd like to share something I do when I feel like panting from my heart, when I feel like expressing love and compassion and sweetness and sharing it through my paintings. It's a very simple and enjoyable exercise of connecting to my heart and feeling of unconditional, free flowing love and then painting that feeling.

Before I start to paint I take a moment to connect to my heart: I sit down in silence, I close my eyes and take a few deep breathes. I shift my focus from my mind, from my head down to my chest, to my heart area and I allow myself to feel it. Sometimes I also put both of the palms of my hands on my chest since I noticed it helps to connect to my heart and how I'm feeling at the moment. I keep on breathing and very soon after that I start feeling soft, warm sensation around my heart area. Then I ask my heart to show me how its love feels like and how it looks like (I say: Dear heart please show me how your love feels like right now.) Then I allow my heart to open up and I observe whatever comes up.

How does love feel like right now? Is it soft and pink and sweet like cotton candy or is it like a festival of colorful, joyful fireworks? Is it delicious and juicy like golden nectar overflowing from an open vessel? Does it feel more mature and serious like, does it feel like sitting in the shade of an old oak tree feeling protected and safe?  Or maybe it feels like million bright red roses blossoming at once?

Whatever feels the best, the most accurate I accept it, then stay in that energy for another moment, after that i open my eyes and begin to paint. For example if I experienced love as soft and pink then I begin to paint with pink and white ink and see what happens next, again using my intuition to guide me while painting. Whatever other colors or shapes or patterns I feel like creating I just go ahead and create them trusting in the process and trusting that this imagery I'm creating is the most genuine and honest expression of love at that moment.

This exercise, this way of painting also feels really, really good because all the while I'm painting I feel connected to this energy of unconditional love flowing from my heart through my body and expressing itself on paper and of course it also makes a very rewarding, energizing and very fulfilling experience. If you decide to give it a go I wish you wonderful painting (and if you don't I still wish you a wonderful, fulfilling painting experience :))!

Heartbeat , ink and gelly rolls on 35.5x51cm paper.

Heartbeat, ink and gelly rolls on 35.5x51cm paper.

Ink Flower Garden project (first 500 paintings)

If you follow my work you might know that from January 2014. I've been working on a personal art project called Ink Flower Garden with a goal of making 1000 abstract (or semi-abstract) ink paintings and drawings. In late May this year I've finally reached half of my goal by finishing 500 paintings! I've wanted to do something special and fun to mark that moment but I was simply to busy. So, now almost 2 months later I've put together a slideshow of photos taken from beginning of 2014. until May 2016. I've been taking as a documentation of my work in progress and also talked a bit about my experiences with this art project and you can see it in a video above. Below you can see a 500th painting I made, quite unimaginatively titled 500 :)

Also, you can follow the progress of the project on my tumblr which I update several times a week :)

500 , ink and gelly rolls on 23x35.5cm paper.

500, ink and gelly rolls on 23x35.5cm paper.

Nothing to prove, nothing to gain (how to push through creative blocks fast)

Today I'd like to share a little tip with you, something that helps me in pushing through creative blocks fast and in efficient way. I've noticed that I encounter creative blocks or lack of motivation to make art when I put myself under a lot of pressure and when I put an emphasis on what I want to prove with my art or when I expect to gain something from my art.

For example, when I start to paint while thinking I have something to prove with my work I automatically stop the natural flow of creativity and ideas and instantly deprive myself of any pleasure in painting. And it doesn't matter whether I have something to prove to myself or to others just this need to make a point, to prove something holds me back. Often I need to prove to myself that I am good enough, skilled enough artist who makes interesting images and that puts a lot of pressure on me, prevents me to experiment and to be playful. So, to release this limiting state of mind when I'm about to start painting I stop for a moment to remind myself I have nothing to prove. Sometimes I even go ahead and say out loud: I got nothing to prove. With that I let go of expectations and allow free flow of creative energy.

Other thing I've noticed that puts a lot of pressure on me and produces blocks is focusing too much on what I could gain from my art. Maybe it's just approval, recognition, maybe it's some opportunity or money, it doesn't matter. If I go into the creative process with an idea of what I could gain from it I limit my freedom of expression. For example, if I want to get approval I'm mostly likely to create works I believe others might like even though it might not be the most satisfying thing for me. So, if I'm in that particular mindset I have to remind myself that I have nothing to gain. By doing that I set myself free and allow myself to create more authentic, heartfelt and genuine art and ultimately that's what others react to best.

So, in the end I've learned that reminding myself that I have nothing to prove and nothing to gain helps me push though creative blocks, liberates me, unleashes my natural creativity and playfulness and helps me to create more honest art which is very important to me. I hope that this little insight of mine can also help you in some way :)

On intuitive painting (art as therapy)

Today I'd like to share my approach to painting with you which can be described as intuitive painting. When I make art I strive to get in touch with my emotions and then to express those emotions through creative process of painting freely and without any restrictions.
I almost never plan my art ahead but usually just before I start a new piece I take a moment to get in touch with myself and to pose some questions. I literally ask myself what do you need to express today? or how are are you feeling right now, are you sad, angry or are you happy are you joyful or perhaps indifferent or bored? Usually, intuitively I do get some kind of answer like oh I'm feeling a bit melancholic or maybe I'm slightly nervous or perhaps I'm feeling excited about something. Whatever it is I accept it and then I move on to the next step which is going a little bit deeper inward. If, for example the answer was oh I'm slightly nervous and edgy, then I continue to ask myself: ok how does this nervousness feel like? and I try to describe it in as much detail as possible.  I will go on by asking something like, does this nervousness feel like being bitten by a swarm of pesky mosquitoes, or does it feel like being stuck in a traffic jam on a hot summer's day in a car without air conditioning? or maybe it feels like wanting to scratch my own skin or not being able to sit still longer than 30 sec? I do that to get the most accurate description of how I'm feeling in order to fully connect to the mood or emotion so that I can eventually release it through painting, so I can paint it out. So after I answer those questions and intuitively get answers that feel accurate and right and after I have fully embraced my mood or feeling then I go further and ask specifically what is the color of this feeling, for example is this nervousness muted, sickly yellow of being sick to my stomach or is it bright electric blue of being super-high strung? If the answer is blue then I dip my brush into blue ink and start to paint. Sometimes I ask what is the texture of this feeling? Is it smooth or is it rough? Or can this emotion be represented by a pattern? What is this pattern, is it thousands of tiny bubbles about to burst or is it a forest of tall triangles that feel like sharp knifes? Whatever answer comes to mind first, I accept it and proceed to paint. So, if the feeling can be depicted by thousand tiny bubbles I will go on and paint them. I don't overthink the answers I just go ahead and paint them.
This practice is also very therapeutic because it helps me to get in touch with my emotions, to process them and eventually release them though painting. I found this to be very healthy and effective way of dealing with stress but also it helps in dealing with some more serious issues like some deep emotional pain or irrational fears or anxiety.  This approach to painting also has helped me greatly in getting to know myself better and it helped me in process of recovery after I have experienced some traumatic events in my life. Since this kind of painting is an intuitive and not so much a mental process and I am very intuitive, emotional person I find it very energizing and rewarding and almost effortless. It helped me a lot and I hope that if you choose to give this approach a go, it would help you as well or that you would at least have fun with it :)

Coming together, falling apart

Happy Wednesday everyone! Also, happy July! New month is here and with beginning of it I made a new painting. Seems I'm still in some sort of outer space period so this one is also inspired by cosmic events as few of my previous paintings are. This one is called Coming together, falling apart and I was inspired to do it after I read something about Giant-impact hypothesis. According to it Moon was formed out of debris left over from a collision of Earth and another planet cca 4.5 billion years ago. When I read that I thought how cool it would be to paint two planets colliding not because I wanted to illustrate that event but because planets seem like a good metaphor for lets say people or minds and this painting could also represent a collision or an intense confrontation between two persons or two minds. So, before I started working on the painting first I made some sketches that you can see below and as usual you can see the whole making of process in video above.

Coming together, falling apart , ink and gelly rolls on 35.5x51cm paper.

Coming together, falling apart, ink and gelly rolls on 35.5x51cm paper.

sketches for painting.

sketches for painting.