Coming together, falling apart

Happy Wednesday everyone! Also, happy July! New month is here and with beginning of it I made a new painting. Seems I'm still in some sort of outer space period so this one is also inspired by cosmic events as few of my previous paintings are. This one is called Coming together, falling apart and I was inspired to do it after I read something about Giant-impact hypothesis. According to it Moon was formed out of debris left over from a collision of Earth and another planet cca 4.5 billion years ago. When I read that I thought how cool it would be to paint two planets colliding not because I wanted to illustrate that event but because planets seem like a good metaphor for lets say people or minds and this painting could also represent a collision or an intense confrontation between two persons or two minds. So, before I started working on the painting first I made some sketches that you can see below and as usual you can see the whole making of process in video above.

Coming together, falling apart , ink and gelly rolls on 35.5x51cm paper.

Coming together, falling apart, ink and gelly rolls on 35.5x51cm paper.

sketches for painting.

sketches for painting.