Messing around with ink and paint

Yesterday I felt like doing something fun and experimenting a bit with ink and paint so I made this messy stop-motion video. First I took a piece of glossy bristol paper, sprinkled some water on it and started adding ink. As it goes, ink was spilling all over the paper and the piece of cloth I use to protect my desk from ink stains so I just spontaneously begun to paint not only on the paper but also on the piece of cloth. I took pictures of the process and edited them into a messy and rather shaky stop-motion animation. The video turned out shaky because I didn't use remote to take photos, I just kept on pressing the shutter button. I was aware video would turn out like that but, honestly I didn't care, I was just experimenting and anything goes when you're making experimental stuff :)

After I was finished with shooting photos I noticed I really like how my piece of protective cloth looked like, like a painting :) So, I took bunch of pictures of it too because why not.

Since it turns out I'm a bit compulsive when it comes to drawing I also "embellished"  a white t-shirt. It was all fun experimenting and playing around and now I can go to my usual schedule:)