ink on paper

I made this for you

I made this to let you know I feel for you, I understand your pain, insecurities and doubts and I care.

These are just two paintings, pieces of paper decorated with ink but I'd like to believe they could represent much more. I wish these simple sheets of colored paper could become containers that hold all the love and compassion I have for you.

I hope that visual language of these images could carve out a path of communication directly to your soul and speak to you on an intuitive level because my words keep failing to reach you.

If it was possible I'd tell you in person I always feel your presence around me and sense your pain. I'm aware you're hiding and yearning to escape this cruel world that has betrayed you countless times.

And if you do need to escape, you can escape into these paintings,  abstract landscapes I designed for you. You can find shelter in all of the love and compassion I've filled these images with.

All of this was created for you: every dot is a prayer sung in your name, every circle a protective shield. Every layer of colored ink is a soft, warm blanket I'd cover you with to save you from unbearable cold of rejection and lack of care you've experienced too many times.

And if there is something you want to hide from threatening outside world, something precious and dear to your heart or perhaps a secret you never wish to reveal, you can hide it in here. Layers of color and pattern will wrap themselves around it and guard it with their mysterious energy.

Yes, I know these are merely paintings on paper and I know I'm nothing but a paper decorator but nevertheless I made this for you to let you know I care deeply and if I'm not able to be there for you in person maybe these images could find their way to you to comfort you, soothe your pain, let you you know you are loved.