Ink Flower Garden project (first 500 paintings)

If you follow my work you might know that from January 2014. I've been working on a personal art project called Ink Flower Garden with a goal of making 1000 abstract (or semi-abstract) ink paintings and drawings. In late May this year I've finally reached half of my goal by finishing 500 paintings! I've wanted to do something special and fun to mark that moment but I was simply to busy. So, now almost 2 months later I've put together a slideshow of photos taken from beginning of 2014. until May 2016. I've been taking as a documentation of my work in progress and also talked a bit about my experiences with this art project and you can see it in a video above. Below you can see a 500th painting I made, quite unimaginatively titled 500 :)

Also, you can follow the progress of the project on my tumblr which I update several times a week :)

500 , ink and gelly rolls on 23x35.5cm paper.

500, ink and gelly rolls on 23x35.5cm paper.